PVC-Vinyl Post Medium


Mailbox Post Medium

To meet the needs of today's consumer, DESIGNER MAILBOX has developed the PVC Maintenance-free post system. The PVC is put over a pressure treated 4x4 post to give you a very sturdy mailbox post. Two styles available, 44 series and the 54 series with a built up base. NO painting.

White or black Medium size mailbox with street name and house number on both sides.

Price includes: Mailbox, Lettering, Post, Installation.

Upgrades in mailboxes.
Heavy gauge steel mailbox 8 colors. $135

            Call Designer Mailbox 716-631-0391 Call or Text 435-5251

PVC 44 Post Federation cap

PVC 44 Post New England cap
$279.00 , Almond post $309.00

PVC 54 Post Federal cap

PVC 54 Post New England cap

PVC 44 Post 2 mailbox system

PVC Custom systems available

Ball Cap $15 extra